The new M-1 Challenge middleweight champion Bruno Silva!

The new M-1 Challenge champion, Bruno Silva, summed up the title bout with Artyom Frolov, discussed the likely prospects in the light heavyweight category, and the opportunity to debut in the UFC title M-1

«Artyom Frolov was a real champion, it was a great fight, he is a really strong guy, but I won the title and am very pleased to have become a champion,» said the Brazilian in the post-match interview. «The most important thing is that I became a world champion, having won by knockout, because I am a real striker»

“I don’t see any problems in the future to play in the light heavyweight category, because before that I had fought in weight up to 93 kg, but in 84 kg I feel much better, so now I would like to play in this division”



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