M-1 Challenge 90: Sado Ucar vs. Magomedkamil Malikov

Catchweight bout at M-1 Challenge 90: Sado Ucar vs. Magomedkamil Malikov!

Catchweight bout at M-1 Challenge 90: Sado Ucar (First MMA Team) vs. Magomedkamil Malikov!
Turkish athlete, fighting of Austria Sado Ucar (10-4) is an experienced striker. He is a multiple times national and European Muay Thai champion and a national karate champion. Despite being a striker, six times he won using his grappling skills and submitting his opponents and twice knocked them out.
Magomedkamil Malikov (4-0) is a four times Dagestan MMA champion. His brother Magomed Malikov was a famous M-1 Global fighter, who defeated such strong opponents as Alexander Emelianenko and Jeff Monson. Now it’s time for Magomedkamil to start his way to the title. Malikov won a number of different competitions in grappling and pankration and no wonder that all four fights he ended early, once by KO and three times by submission!
Both guys know how to end the fights early, so this bout is going to be one of the most exciting confrontations of M-1 Challenge 90 on March 30th!

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