Light heavyweight bout at M-1 Arena

Light heavyweight bout at M-1 Arena grand opening event M-1 Challenge 87: First MMA Fighter @kleberorgulho of #Brazil vs. @dmitriy_mikutsa of #Ukraine!
Champion of two Brazilian promotions Kleber Raimundo Silva (14-7) debuted in M-1 Global last year with a heavyweight fight against the famous striker Konstantin Gluhov. Despite being smaller than his opponent Silva was not afraid to trade punches with Gluhov and a few takedowns helped him win that bout. One fight in heavyweight was enough for him and now he is back to light heavyweight to start his way to the title.
Dimitriy Mikutsa has a solid background in amateur martial arts like #pankrationand #MMA. In his professional career he has a record 7-3, including one victory in M-1 Global. Mikutsa is a real puncher with 71% knockout rate and this is exactly the number that Silva has as well, so the coming battle is going to be stopped by referee, because both fighters are going to knock each other out!

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